Reflections of a Life in Poetry


I wrote my first poem when I was 24 and published my first poetry book entitled Reflections of a Life in Poetry when I was 57. It is a collection of 50 poems I wrote over 32 years. The subject matter is derived mostly from events in my life or those of close friends and family. They range from love to love lost, from life to lives lost, from childbirth to a child lost, from children to grandchildren, from courtship to marriage, from bikers to veterans, from Christmas to Thanksgiving, from Christenings to reunions, and even some “silly advice” just for the fun of it. I also included several faith-based poems with spiritual messages If You Believe in Him.


Today I enjoy sharing my poetry with friends and family and making new fans. The best part of my job besides writing is reading to children at schools, inmates at the jail, friends at night and the occasional church audience. There is never a charge so if you have a need to hear a few of Kenny's Poems let me know.


Check Out My Ride and let me know if you like my poetry. I love hearing back from readers by e-mail at . It would be my fondest desire that my poems encourage others to take some time and write a rhyme.


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